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Types of Surveys

Boundary Survey - Provides only the location of the main boundary corners.

Subdivision Survey- Provides a division of a larger piece of property into two (2) or more smaller lots. This will include zoning and planning approval and will be recorded at Probate Court.

Mortgage Survey - Provided for the closing on a house or getting a loan. It shows a survey of the boundary plus improvements (house, driveway, shed, pool, etc.).

Boundary with Improvements Survey - Provides the boundary plus any improvements (house, driveway, shed, pool, etc.) as requested. It may or may not include the same amount of details as a mortgage survey.

Topographic Survey - Provides the elevations and contours of a lot's natural and man-made features.

ALTA Survey - Typically provided for a commercial property's boundary plus improvements. It shows the standards from title commitment.

Stakeout Survey - Provides the boundary and location for which the house/building was staked.

Spot Survey - Provided for permitting. It shows the location of the house/building during construction.

Final Survey - Provided as an after-construction survey. It shows a survey of the boundary plus finalized improvements.

As-built Survey - Typically provided for newly constructed features. Same as final survey but may not show the same amount of details on the lot.

Hydrographic Survey - Provides the elevations of land under water.

Tower Survey - Provides the location of cell phone and other communication towers.

Civil Plans - These drawings are used for construction and will have multiple pages (site plan, demolition & erosion control, grading & drainage, utility plan, etc.).

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