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December 1st, 2019


Rowe Engineering is pleased to announce the addition of a Mavic 2 Pro Survey Drone into its aerial surveying arsenal. This small, yet powerful drone is easy to deploy and requires a much smaller area for takeoff and landing. This UAV is ideal for smaller projects where aerial topo and imaging is desirable. The Mavic is equipped with terrain and obstacle avoidance and features a one inch 20-megapixel camera capable of delivering high quality photographs, topographic data and video. We, at Rowe Engineering, are excited about the expanded capabilities and services offered to our clients.

July 26th, 2019

Local Business Owner Cecil “Zeke” Hudson Named to NSBA Leadership Council

Alabama – Cecil “Zeke” Hudson, of Rowe Engineering & Surveying was recently named to the National Small Business Association (NSBA) Leadership Council. NSBA is the nation’s oldest small-business advocacy organization, and operates on a staunchly nonpartisan basis. Hudson, a recognized leader in the small-business community, joins the NSBA Leadership Council alongside other small-business advocates from across the country as they work to promote the interests of small business to policymakers in Washington, D.C.

“As a small-business owner, I see daily the importance of being involved and active when it comes to laws and regulation,” stated Hudson. “Joining NSBA’s Leadership Council will enable me to take our collective small-business message to the people that need to hear it most: Congress.”

Hudson joined the NSBA Leadership Council as part of his efforts to tackle the many critical issues facing small business, including tax reform, regulatory restraint, health care costs and how the Affordable Care Act will impact small business. The NSBA Leadership Council is focused on providing valuable networking between small-business advocates from across the country while ensuring small business a seat at the table as Congress and regulators take up key small-business proposals.

“I am proud to have Zeke as part of our Leadership Council,” stated NSBA President and CEO Todd McCracken. “He came to us highly recommended and I look forward to our coordinated efforts for years to come.”

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May 31, 2019

Letter from Cecil "Zeke" Hudson, New President - Ownership Change

It has been a pleasure to serve you these past three years as Vice President of Rowe Engineering & Surveying, Inc.. However, it is with even greater joy to announce that at the close of business on May 23, 2019, the business operations of Rowe Engineering & Surveying, Inc., a Highland Technical Services Company, owned by William Cooch in Birmingham, Alabama were sold to myself and my company, Zeke-Trice, LLC. The company will now be operating as Zeke-Trice, LLC dba Rowe Engineering & Surveying. Other than the change in name, there is no real difference in the business. The same personnel that you have dealt with over the years remain committed to providing you top-notch service.

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